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There is Nothing Like Seeing Your Persuasion Messages in Text

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I hope you've done your due diligence now you've really thought about every possible message that could persuade the person you're trying to speak to or the group. You've asked other people in the past you've persuaded what worked. And ideally, you've also asked people you're trying to persuade what will actually persuade them. Now I want you to put it all together, refine it, narrow it down. And I want you to literally write down here in the discussion section of this lecture. Top headline, what is it you're trying to persuade people to do same as before?

But now, what are the five messages you're going to try to convey? When you are presenting to them to try to persuade them, write it down? each message is something you should be able to say in a single sentence. It's something that should be conveyed in about 10 words or less. Now, that doesn't mean your whole pitch is going to be 50 words, but I need you to have clarity in your own mind, what is truly most important? So that's the assignment.

Go ahead. You need to take a little time to do this. It's critically important to do this. You just sit back and watch old TJ speak well, you could be watching a Seinfeld episode or something else. I'm not. Not that entertaining, believe me.

You want to get something out of this. I need you to put this exercise into practice and actually write it down. Thanks

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