Mastering Persuasive Body Language

4 minutes
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We haven't spent a lot of time in this course talking about your body language when you're trying to persuade someone, how long to look at them and all that sort. A few basics though, the more you can actually look at some not a staredown contest, but you're looking at the person most of the time. or looking at individuals in the room. The big problem most people make is they're staring at their pitch presentation deck, they're staring at slides, they're staring at notes, or they're staring at the whole room and never looking at someone. So, so much of what will make you more effective when you are trying to persuade someone is are you looking at them and are you being interesting now? We don't have the time in this course to go over all the aspects of body language for every scenario seated pitch presentations, standing keynote addresses, large audiences, small audiences.

He want more on that. dozens of other courses on how to give successful presentations and body language courses. But I want to give you the most important basics now. If you did the exercise I asked you a moment ago to do you recorded yourself, I just want you to look at yourself and then watch your best one without any sound. What do you see? If all you see is this ask yourself is that someone you'd want to buy from work with?

Indoors? Probably not. The most important thing when it comes to your body language, and when you're giving a pitch presentation or any other presentation is their movement. When people are comfortable, confident and relaxed, and when they move their hands. It's a huge myth that you're not supposed to move your hands and move their body with their head with their face. their arms are moving if you're sitting Standing you can actually walk around the room.

No, you don't want to be pacing too much. But the far bigger problem is people standing totally stiff, frozen or grabbing a lectern, you'll be much more persuasive. When you seem completely comfortable, confident, and relaxed and just having a conversation with one person, even if they're thousand in the room. You need to look like and sound like you're having a conversation with one person. So I need you to go back to your best video now and really look at it. If there's something you don't like about how you're moving.

Then redo it but let me caution you so many people when they are revealing their persuasive pitch presentations will miss diagnose, they'll see their head moving, they'll think, oh, that doesn't look professional. I better hold my head straight. No, that will make you look scared or they'll see their hands moving and they think they need to tighten it. You don't want to tighten your hands, or they'll see themselves blink. And they think that looks weird. Everyone blinks.

It looks weird if you don't blink, so don't worry about the blinking. So that's the assignment right now just look at the one you did on your cell phone or iPad or webcam. really figure out are you coming across? Interesting? Are you looking at people? And if you're practicing just with yourself, are you looking out?

If you are looking at a piece of paper, or a computer screen, you have dramatically reduced your ability to be persuasive. People universally hate to be read to, they universally hate to be ignored. So if you're staring at a whole bunch of papers to go over all your points and all your messages, which I know you won't do because you've narrowed it down to five, you've made a mistake. Now it's perfectly fine to have a single sheet of paper. No, this is what I would use for an hour long keynote speech. It's large font, large bullet points.

I only have a handful of points but the other points they are for my examples and my stories, fine to occasionally glance down at a piece of paper but your body language and primarily your eyes most important parts of your body should be looking at the person or persons. You're trying to persuade

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