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Learning Persuasion Skills to Beat the "Naturals"

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It's important to realize that being persuasive is not some natural born skill. Nobody is just a natural born persuasive speaker presenter talker. This is a learned skill and the difference between people who end up remarkably persuasive in their careers. And those who sort of cap out down here middle management. The people who became really persuasive, simply tried to improve that much half of 1% better every presentation they gave after every pitch, every talk. Um, Case in point I wasn't a natural born presenter.

I was that kid in Cub Scouts when I was 10 years old, who sold the least amount of peanut brittle for the pack fundraising drive. I was that kid in junior high school, who sold the fewest number of magazine subscriptions for the annual fundraising drive. How can I get better? Well, that's what this course is about. I'm going to give you more and more tools. But a starting point you got to realize, you can do this.

Anyone with even below average intelligence can go on to become highly persuasive if they follow the tools and techniques outlined in this class, so, get ready. We are going to hop in now.

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