Your Secret Source of Winning Persuasion Messages

4 minutes
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Some of the most persuadable people when it comes to how they persuade others, are not necessarily any harder working than you or anyone else. In fact, quite often they can be lazy and cheat. Now, here's what I mean. It's nothing unethical. But if you're trying to figure out what messages are really going to work on these new prospects, or these new clients, or some new executive within your organization, just ask people you've persuaded in the past, what worked, you'd be surprised what you find out. Sometimes it's what you think is the least important aspect of your pitch, the thing that you thought was perhaps least persuadable or persuading the person who ultimately signed on to what you want, did what you wanted, became a client, a customer or approved a budget.

That's what resonated with them. Well, guess what? That person is a lot more credible. What's gonna work to someone you haven't spoken to yet, then you and your own gut? Sure, sometimes you do have to rely on your own gut. But if it's a choice between my gut and what a client who hired me last week says worked on him or her.

I'm gonna go with what that client says when I'm talking to a new prospect. All you have to do is ask. Most people are afraid to do it, whether it's an outside client, a customer, or whether it is a colleague that you sit next to, at a Monday morning staff meeting every week, and you can tell they endorsed your measure from a month ago. Now you got to pitch something new or now you have to pitch someone higher up in the organization, about the same thing that you pitched a month ago to your group, ask that person. What persuaded them? What did they like about your pitch?

Why did you think it worked and you You'll be surprised what you hear. It's typically not going to be the process. If we've as we've discussed before, I could tell you, I do this in my own business. So when I pitch people on media training skills, I want to make sure I have the best possible pitch. So I've asked my clients, why did you hire me? And on many occasions, the person hiring me whether it's a CEO or an account executive of public relations firm, they've said to me, TJ, there's two things we like number one, we like that you don't just show up for a day.

And that's it. There's a more comprehensive process to this, and you give follow up. Number two, you're the only media trainer we've ever heard in the world, who actually explains a process of how to go from a message point to a sound bite that can be duplicated. That's what people have told me. You don't deal with media. Don't even know what media training is, this is irrelevant to you.

Doesn't matter. You're not my prospect. But I hear people say that. So I make a point of really mentioning those two points. Those are two of my messages when I have to try to persuade a prospect for media training. So I need you to really listen to people where you know, you've already been successful when you think about it.

Everything in life is like that people who do well in one sport or they start to kick goals in a certain way, try to do more of that. Great musicians who have locked in a certain genre, and a certain album takes off. We'll do more in that genre. It's not constantly scattershot, something new every single time. When you're trying to persuade people to do something in particular, you've already had some success persuading other people. Ask them what worked.

That information is frankly more valuable than anything you're going to find in this course. Although I hope this course motivates you to actually ask them

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