Master the Process Of NOT Telling People Too Much About Your Process

4 minutes
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What else makes people profoundly non persuasive? It's not just the data dump. It's the specific things they're putting into that data dump. One big challenge one big problem for so many people, is they want to explain every single part of the process of what they're going to do to help someone therefore why that person should then use them or put a rubber stamp of approval on what they're asking for. In general, human beings don't care about the process. Unless it's their full time job, they care about the results you will give them.

This is true whether it's a client, a prospect, a boss or a colleague in another department. Focus on the benefits to the person you're trying to persuade. That means you cannot go into every single little detail on the process. It means you cannot describe every little feature Unfortunately, a lot of us when we are so excited about what we do our profession, we want to tell everybody everything we do. And we think this is good and people like our passion for it. But if we're overwhelming them with the process, we can, in fact, work against ourselves, we can be less persuasive.

Now, this can happen to anyone a few years ago, this even happened to me, I found myself when I was giving a sales presentation, a pitch trying to persuade someone to hire me for a day of public speaking training or media training. I went on and on and on into the process, and I would send them a nice personalized video, but I would then walk them through every step of the process. I would tell what we'll have our pre training conference call and you'll hear you'll send me a video and I'll critique it in advance. And then during the day of presentation training, I'll get you on Camera a dozen times. And after that, you'll have Skype follow up with me. And you can text or E or email or call me with questions and I'll answer you in a video back.

And you can go back into the online training school at any point. And I'll send you follow up training videos every single day for the next year I went on and on and on. And truth is some of the people who hired me did like that level of detail. But a lot more other people, other prospects were just overwhelmed. I spent too much time talking about the process of every little thing I'm going to do to help them become a better presenter. And what I should have done is focused on the benefits to them.

So now when someone pitches me, or ask me for a pitch, I focus on the benefits. I say, hey, if you work with me, I'm going to make sure you are more connected. confident, relaxed, anytime you speak doesn't matter if it's in front of one person 100,000 or 10,000 people, I'm going to really give you the skills so that you'll know in advance your audience will understand you. And here's the tricky part, I'm going to make sure your audience will actually remember your key messages. Because most speakers are so boring, no one remembers anything. And because of that, there's a much greater chance that you will persuade your audience to do what you want.

And in this case, I personalize it and and fill in the blanks of what I know that person is trying to accomplish Sal do whatever it is, so that pitch only takes me 60 seconds or so. In a video, the old one took eight 910 minutes and it was just too long. So you have to catch yourself on this and make sure you don't accidentally phone to the temptation of more is more is more narrow the focus. This is especially true if it's one sided communication, you're sending someone, a video, an email, you're talking to them over the phone or in a Skype video. But there's other people there and it's not quite a one on one conversation. It's a little bit different when it's a one on one meeting, but even then, narrow your focus to the benefits to them.

If they have questions about all the other process, by all means, answer their questions in detail. But when you have the open floor to just start off, focus on your benefits. Don't tell people every part of your process

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