Persuasion That Takes 6 Months Is Still Persuasion

4 minutes
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People in the work world who are really persuasive understand that no matter how good your presentation is, no matter how good your communication skills are, sometimes the person you're talking to isn't ready to give a yes. Just because they don't say yes today or endorse you today or hire you today, doesn't mean it's no, forever. So you really got to listen, you really got to ask them what else they need. When should we talk about this issue again, and listen to them. Sometimes people will say, you know what, we've just decided we're absolutely not going to hire any media trainer, because the interview was canceled. And the board of directors is decided we're not going to ever talk to the media.

Well, that's a pretty definitive No, that means I don't have to spend time pitching them. It also means there's nothing really valuable I could get from the feedback there because their decisions has nothing to do with how persuasive I was. It also means I don't need to follow up with them. But sometimes someone I've pitched them on, you might pitch could say, we still got to think about it. We're talking about it. We're undecided.

Call back in two months, we've got to get through the next annual meeting. A lot of people just say, Oh, I was wanting that quick when I wanted to show the sales for the end of the month. Forget it can't be like that. You've got to look at the long term, the long game. So regardless of how you manage your time, or your calendar, I use Salesforce. I'm not plugging Salesforce, I use Salesforce.

So I just go in every day. So someone tells me today call in two weeks or two months, I'll just put follow up two months from today. It goes into my Salesforce. I don't think about them for two months and two months from now. I go to my city. Salesforce, it pops up that there's the person's name saying, this person has to be called today, you might use Google Calendar.

There's all sorts of systems. You've got to manage that on your own. The point is, listen to people just because they're not saying what you wanted them to say today, which is yes, approved by invest. That's not a no. Sometimes they'll say call back in two weeks, sometimes. Two months, sometimes a year.

Follow up. Now don't hound someone every other day for the next six months if they've just said Oh, I'm not sure yet. That can be a no follow up. I can tell you in my own business. I've had people contact me about media training and presentation training services. And it was literally six years between first contact the first request for proposal until they hired me and they since hired me Many, many other times.

And sometimes they said, We know we're not gonna do anything for the next year. Okay? I may have shared newsletters with them and sent them but I didn't actually call it a pitch them for a year because that's what they asked for. Again, so much of being a good persuadable, presenter talker business communicators, just listening to what people say if they tell you absolutely no, never, ever, ever, ever. Don't ever talk to me again about this, well listen to them. But if they say maybe in the future, ask them what I do in my own calls, I'll say so would you like me to call you and say six weeks or middle of next quarter, which would be three months from now?

And then they say, well, six weeks will be good. I listen, I make notes. And then I follow up, and I try to persuade them again. When they asked for me To do so, it's not that complicated but a lot of people just drop the ball

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