More for You, By Not Talking About You

3 minutes
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Another classic blunder to avoid talking too much about yourself. Now, this is especially applicable when you're trying to persuade somebody who doesn't work next to you in the office every single day, perhaps someone who doesn't know you a new investor, prospect or client prospect. I see this again and again and again, people make the same mistake. And it's me, me, me, me, me. I'm happy to be here today. I'm so glad that I get the chance to speak to you.

Let me tell you about how great I am. Well, here's a hint for you. Nobody cares about you yet. your coworkers may like you and be on friendly terms. But still, the number one thing that anyone's thinking about when they're sitting across from you in a meeting, or in a room hearing your pitch or presentation or talk is how are you going to help them how are you going to help them accomplish their mission, their goal, their objectives? So I believe that everything out of your mouth should be focused first and foremost on helping them.

That's why you may have noticed in the promo video in this very course where I'm trying to sell you on taking this course I don't go on and on and on. And I don't say well I've written a number one USA Today bestseller book, secret to foolproof presentations. And I'm in the Guinness Book of Records for most presentations ever on talk radio shows all over the world. I could go on and on and on for things, but you know what I decided that's not gonna persuade you to take this course. If you want to know my bio, the bio is right here on the website. It's in the description further down on the course page.

You can always find out by clicking on any of the social media buttons, so I didn't want to waste your time going on and on about my credentials. Certainly if I'm pitching a new prospect, I'll have a paragraph or two or three Three deep in any kind of print proposal text proposal, but when I'm talking to people focused on what is going to persuade them now, they may need one or two facts about my bio that's really going to resonate without. So it's really important to them that they only work with a trainer or coach who's worked in mutual fund industry. Then I will go and spend 10 or so seconds talking about old mutual funds I've worked with and all the different people in their industry I've worked with because that will make them feel more comfortable, but it's not a generic bio. Let me tell you about how great I am.

Big, big problem in so many presentations. When people are trying to persuade someone, too much on the bio too many facts, too many numbers, too much of anything and everything other than a focus on the mess. images that are going to move your audience that will actually persuade them

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