Conclusion: You are Now Ready to Persuade!

1 minutes
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Congratulations, you've completed this course. Thanks so much for joining me in this journey. I want to wish you tremendous success in all of your future attempts to persuade people in your office. And I do hope you realize it's not about being perfect today after taking this class, it's about a process where you get sometimes just one half of 1% better. So over time, the more you present, the more you talk, the more you pitch. The more you're communicating with your customers, clients, colleagues, co workers, you get better at it, you get more comfortable at it, you enjoy it more, you're able to refine more, you're able to really be in the moment and listen to people so that you can then react and give them information and messages, the key messages that will motivate them to take the actions you want.

I hope you've gotten a strong sense of the most important tools in your toolkit. Number one, actually having clarity what you want them to do, if you don't know they won't figure it out. Number two, narrowing your messages down to just a handful of what is going to motivate them to take the action you want. Number three, having interesting, relevant stories to flesh out these messages to make them remember. And number four, practicing on video if it's an important presentation or you're pitching people for super important new contract or piece of business, practicing on video until you love how you're coming across. Do that do that consistently learn a little bit from each one you give and you're going to be wildly successful in your ability to persuade people in the workplace.

I'm TJ Walker. Thanks for joining me

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