The Single Best Way to Prepare for All Persuasion Presentation Opportunities

2 minutes
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Not many of you put your URL in the discussion last time, that's okay. But what I do want to stress is that if you're serious about getting better and better at being more persuasive, when you're making presentations, giving talks, asking people in the workplace to do things, the more you can rehearse on video, the better I do not recommend you just talk to a mirror. I don't recommend that you close the door in your office or your cubicle, and just talk out loud. Practice on video and look at it. Figure out what you like what you don't like. The other thing that very few people do, but it's highly effective is once you've come up with a video you like and you're not to share it with me or the other students here.

Send it to other people in your workplace, who are not going to be the decision makers. They're not going to be the people are ultimately going to decide your fate, but they know enough about the culture of the clients, the prospects Next, the other people you're dealing with to know their mindset, send them your pitch presentation in a video. I didn't say the slide deck, that's the least important part of this. Send them the video of you speaking. And then walk down to their office or call them up and ask them. What do they remember?

Don't just say, what did you think? They'll tell you? Oh, you're good. You're professional, well done. meaningless advice. You want to know.

What did they remember? Because if they don't remember anything, how persuasive Could it have been? So that's the ultimate it's not whether you pass my test. I'm frankly the least important part of this process, but people in your workplace or in your industry in your field, they're the ones who really matter. And with technology these days, there's no reason not to do it. Everyone is surrounded by video cameras, every phone, iPad.

Laptop webcams everywhere. There's no expensive reason not to do it as part of due diligence. Most people don't because it doesn't feel comfortable. Well get over it Get over yourself. Everyone else in the world has to listen to their own voice. Everyone else you're pitching or trying to persuade has to see your face.

So you're going to have to see it and listen to it as well. But this will help you dramatically. You'll get fantastic insights from not me, your own colleagues

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