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Welcome to this quick start to OneNote class. The purpose of this class is not to go over every little item in OneNote, but to focus on the key things you need to know, to get you up and running as quickly as possible without any fluff. So with that in mind, let's get started with some key terms. Now, the first term that you need to know is notebook and what OneNote means when it talks about a notebook. So a notebook is a file that contains sections and pages. So think of it kind of like a Word document.

Your notebook can be stored either on your local hard drive for offline access, or cloud storage service like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on, for online access, very much in the same way in exactly the same way actually, as a Word document. So if you think of a Word document, you open up that file, and then you have whatever you've written in the Word document there Well in a notebook, which is actually the file inside, when you open that, you're going to have sections. So sections are essentially like a folder that live inside of your notebook. And they contain pages. And then the pages are that blank piece of virtual paper where you can take your notes and put whatever you want down there. So, to see this a little bit, visually, you're going to have your notebooks that's the file, you open up the notebook, and then that's going to have sections and inside the sections are pages.

So let's say for example, let's say I have a notebook in my Documents folder, and that notebook is called my notebook dot o ne er dot one. That is the extension just like for a word documents, the extension see your dot docx cx or a PDF right. That's the extension. That's The file for the notebook, the extension for the notebook. And then inside that notebook, I'm going to have a section. So that section might be meetings, right, so you can see kind of how this works and how it goes from one to the other.

And then inside that section, right is going to go down to the actual page. That could be something like my staff meeting notes or something like that. And then there's another key term that is helpful that we'll actually look at a little bit later on in this class. That's the section groups. So section groups are essentially exactly what they sound like. They're a group of sections together.

So you have a notebook, and then you could have a section and then the pages under there, but you can actually group together a bunch of different sections. And we'll look at that a little bit later on in this class. So Here's another example of how it all works together. So let's say I'm storing everything on one drive. And I have my notebook in there. And then in my notebook, I'm going to have all these different sections.

And then under each of those sections, I'm going to have the different pages that are going to contain my notes. Right, so those are actually pages there that contained the notes. And then that might be for meetings. And then maybe for web clippings under that section, I'm going to have a bunch of different pages there. Alright, so now that we know some of these key terms and kind of how OneNote organizes everything, let's jump into OneNote in our next video, and we'll take a look at this in action.

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