Setting up OneNote for the first time

4 minutes
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In our last video, we learned some key terms that we need to know about how OneNote organizes everything. In this video, we're going to set up OneNote for the first time, and see some of those features in action. Alright, so the first thing we need to do is to actually open or create a notebook, just like in Word, before we can actually start typing something, we need to actually create a new document or open an existing one the very same, this is very, very similar. So there's a couple places we can go to open up or create a new notebook. We can either come to over here where it says notebooks, click on that, go to add a notebook, open an existing one if we already have one. Or, as we can see, OneNote is telling us right here, we can just click on this here and basically that's going to take us over to file and tell us to open a new one, it all leads to the same place.

Now where we create this notebook is very important because if we want it to be synced to the cloud. So let's say we want to use it at work, we want to use it at home, we want to use it wherever we have the various computers that we have OneNote set up on, we can do that by sinking into the cloud and creating it in there. And one note, by default will try to get you to use one drive because they're both Microsoft products works really, really well. Alternatively, what we can do is actually save it locally if we want to do that. Or we can add in a new place. If we wanted to do that if we need to add in OneDrive.

Or if we have Google Drive, Dropbox, whatever we can actually just browse to wherever that folder is sinking on our local hard drive, and then store that there. For the purpose of this video though, I'm going to go through OneDrive and let's just create it in here. So I'm going to create this quickstart to one note is my notebook. create this And there we go. If we wanted to create it on a different folder in OneDrive, we could just click this little link right here, give OneNote a moment to connect and create that. And no, I do not want to share it with anybody right now.

And there we go. So we have our our first notebook that we have set up. Now, inside here, we can see the things that we were talking about in our previous video, we have our section here, right, we can add new sections, if we wanted to just click this little plus and it's going to create and create a new section. Then under each of these sections are our pages. So the pages are over here on the right hand side, we can add in as many pages as we want. And that's basically how OneNote is set up.

And then the other term that we talked about in our previous video are section groups. So if we want to to group these together, what we can do is come up here and right click, go create a new section group. And we can see this right here. So basically, if we hop inside here, we can have, again, more sections to organize everything. Right, so let's say this is our meetings or double click to change this meetings, General notes, whatever we want to call these, and then we can get out of this section group up here. So we can kind of see how this has this hierarchical type system for setting everything up.

So these are the main sections up here. Again, I can rename this to be whatever I want. However, we want to organize this this is kind of the the key part to OneNote is knowing how you want to organize everything. So now that you're familiar with how sections work, how section groups work, how you can hop inside have these different section groups in order to have more sections to lead down there and then each of those are going to have their pages. You kind of get an idea of how it's all organized. And now it's kind of up to you to determine exactly how you would organize everything and how you can use it best in your own work.

Alright, so let's move on to our next video where we'll take a look at the ribbon up here and take a look at some of the key things. The key tools in the ribbon

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