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Depression and Anxiety Breakthrough: How to overcome Depression

Learn to manage and end your Depression and Anxiety with these fundamental strategies. Find relief and happiness!

Depression and Anxiety Breakthrough: How to overcome Depression

Learn to manage and end your Depression and Anxiety with these fundamental strategies. Find relief and happiness!
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A complete course showing you how to end and manage your depression and anxiety.

My name is Chi, I am a counselor specializing in depression and I have also suffered from depression. In this course, I will show you how I managed to get rid of my low moods and what I did to move away from depression without using medication.

This course firstly briefly outlines:

# what depression is

# who gets depression

# the main causes of depression.

The most important part of this course is the natural strategies to beat depression. The strategies may seem simple but they do work. I think the hardest thing when you are going through depression is just to get to a point where you will actually put the strategies into place.

I will go through natural strategies to:

lift your low mood and break the cycle of your low moods. Finding instant relief is very important when you are going through depression because without this you won't be motivated to do much else.

I also go through strategies to:

- Ways to improve your mental health, depression, anxiety, and stress with nutrition.

- Ways to improve your thought patterns: How to stop your negative thinking and thoughts.

- Ways to get rid of your triggers contributing to your depression, anxiety, and stress

- other causes related to your depression, anxiety and stress and how you can treat them.

If you are tired of letting depression get the better of you and you want to start applying strategies that will actually lift you from your depression - Take action and ENROL NOW!


There are no requirements for this course.

About the instructors

Chi Phan

Depression Counsellor & Life Purpose Coach
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Depression Counsellor and Life Purpose Coach, and founder of Chi Phan Seminars and Counselling. My passion and mission is to help others, like yourself, to reach your full potential and achieve greater happiness.

This includes going from where you are today to finding your life purpose and executing it. My specialties include Depression Counseling and Life Purpose Coaching.

After a very long period of battling with depression and struggling with trying to find meaning in my work, I was fortunate enough to find my life purpose.

I am now dedicated to helping others to achieve the same level of fulfillment that I experience through living my life purpose.

I have a degree in Psychology and Counselling, which allows me to understand the best ways to help other people tackle their problems.

I have attained membership with "The Golden Key International Honours Society" for academic achievement during my studies.

I am also a co-author of the best- selling book "The Prosperity Factor". This book gives wisdom from many experts on how to gain different types of prosperity in your life.

Finding and executing your life purpose will give you mental prosperity which is essentially your happiness. To find out more visit

I wish you every luck and success in your life's journey.

Your friend and Life Purpose Coach.

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