Sales Skills: How to Sell Value Instead of Price

Learn about the skills and best practices to move away from price discussions to value creation negotiations.

Sales Skills: How to Sell Value Instead of Price

Learn about the skills and best practices to move away from price discussions to value creation negotiations.
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About the Class

This course is about the two sides of the balance - price, and value - to leverage your skills as a sales manager. Price being the financial reward for your product or service and value what your customer believes it is worth for them. Find or leverage your unique value propositions. Understand the concept of the value and shift your discussions towards value instead of pure price.

In this course, you'll see practical examples, differentiators, and how you can leverage your products or services to move from a "vending" position to a "strategic partner" position. Customers will always push you to price discussions. Your role is to manage that diversion. In this course, you'll have the insights and tools on how to do that.

This training is a masterclass on the topic and will help you in your commercial role: sales negotiation and closing deals. Developing skills is the best investment you can make with your money, so join the course now and enhance your career in sales.

Course updated regularly. Support material provided: There are several templates and documents in the last lesson at the end of the course that you can download for a better follow up and application of the learnings.


Amaro Araujo

International Sales executive, writer, trainer, speaker
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I’m a Portuguese citizen, living in Netherlands since 2007. I speak 6 languages and I work as an international sales executive. I’m passionate about life, curious, dreamer, public speaker and writer I’m a regular publisher in LinkedIn, Quora contributor besides participation in other blogs or platforms, besides by own website. Check:...

Class Requirements

  • You should have a basic knowledge of sales and the sales process
  • You should have notions of pricing, costs, and drivers
  • You should have a business understanding

What's Included

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 48 minutes
10 Videos
7 Documents
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