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How To Break Habits and Master New Ones

Get deep insight into why you act the way you act or do the things you do.

How To Break Habits and Master New Ones

Get deep insight into why you act the way you act or do the things you do.
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Habits, Addictions, Compulsion, and Obsession have been misunderstood over the years due to the lack of understanding of their modus operandi.

This course focuses on  giving deep insights into these four phenomenon. You will learn how they depend on each other.

Do you really know there are models to changing habits and breaking them?

The myth that it takes 21 days may just be what you need to debunk for you to change that habit and pick new ones.

This course is applicable to all age range and doesn't require special skills.

You will be able to drop that bad habit as simple as screen addiction and pick up helpful ones

About the instructors

Toluse Francis

Therapist, Author, Content Creator
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Toluse Francis is a trained therapist and mental health practitioner, with a track record of aiding people to move on from negative past experiences, and focusing on their future with enthusiasm.

In 2017, He was the awarded the Health Writer of the Year by the Nigerian Writers Award. He is an author with three books published to his credit. 

In 2018, he joined the Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI) as a volunteer Counsellor.

In 2017, he began the Mind and Health Centre as a Facebook group which is also an arm of TDF Integrated Services which helps address mental health issues in the society.

Toluse organizes an online event tagged ‘Breaking the Habit Code’ focused on helping people understand and deal with habits and addiction. His focus areas are Grief and Loss (Trauma), Depression, Habits, and Addiction. He was a speaker at the MTN Foundation Project ASAP Roundtable Conference in Lagos in 2019.




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