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A very warm welcome to the field fuller with your calories course. As a start, I'd like to introduce myself that My name is Alka Chopra, and I'm a registered dietitian and a certified diabetes educator. And I've been working with health and nutrition for the past 20 plus years. And I'm here because I love to make nutrition simple for people. And my philosophy really is if it's not simple, it's not done. This is something that I follow in my lifestyle every single day.

And if you'd like to find me on social media, my Twitter handle and my Facebook and Instagram is all at Alka Chopra RG. So without further ado, let's begin talking about how the really the course is laid out, which is going to give you an idea as to what you can expect the next eight lessons. The first lesson focuses on satiety and energy density. I'm not too sure if all of you've heard about these two terms. They are Some technical terms, and they really contribute to feeling fuller on a fewer calories which is actually the course. So I'm going to be explaining to you in very simple language as to what these two terms mean, and how they feed into feeling fuller on lower calories.

Lesson two is focusing on fiber, anything and everything about fiber and how it contributes to you feeling Fuller. lesson three is talking to you about choosing low density and high satiety foods. Again, low density means low calories and high satiety means you feel full. So how do you really do that the practical aspects I'll be talking to you about that. lesson four is talking to you about how to choose your protein. Protein contributes a lot towards feeling Fuller.

And and we were talking to you about how to choose proteins, what kind of proteins I also talk about being vegetarian a little bit and not much about vegan. However, many of the sources of vegetarian protein can easily be incorporated into a vegan diet if you are vegan. Lesson five is talking to you about the effect of fat and how it contributes to feeling Fuller, and what are the functions of fat in the body. Lesson six is talking to you about snacks. In my practice, I have found that snacks are often the Forgotten meal. So it is important just as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So I'm going to be talking to you in great detail about how to choose snacks and what type of snacks Can you have every day. Lesson seven is about meal patterns and more. So here I talk to you about things like glycemic index and meal distribution, and many other important aspects that go into making you feel fuller and lower calories. And finally, lesson eight is going to combine everything that you have learned and I share with you a plan of action a very actionable and a very practical system that you can put into place. To feed fuller on fewer calories. So, let's start

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