How does protein fill you up?

5 minutes
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Alright, let us move to lesson four under less on the course feed folder with fewer calories. So lesson four is talking to you about the impact of protein onto it and fullness. Now protein stimulates the production of a hormone that signals that it. This hormone is called as called sister came in. You don't really need to remember the name of this hormone. Just remember, that protein helps in stimulation of a hormone that really signals satiety.

And it also inhibits the release of the hormone called ghrelin, which sends out to the I'm hungry message. So it is reversing so meaning and that incremental out a message. I'm hungry, and when you eat food and you eat food, which has protein in it, protein will stimulate the production of the cold sister kind and hormone that actually helps to get it in place. And that's when you start feeling Fuller. And you feel that yes, I'm not hungry anymore. I am sad.

With my meal. There are studies also to suggest that the effectiveness of protein is greater in comparison to fats and carbohydrates. So make sure you include source of protein in your meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner. And sometimes even having a source of protein at your snack is also a good strategy to keep your fullness intact. And now, how do you choose your protein? To understand the physiology, or the what are the basics of protein is that proteins are made up of 20 amino acids, and nine of these 20 are essential.

And these nine is nine amino acids can come only from food and the body cannot produce them. And the remaining 11 are non essential, and your body can produce them on its own. Now, all these 20 amino acids are essential for the body. So you really need to make an effort that you get them from food. You Not food, the body will make the essential ones you want them to come from food, but the non essential ones the body can manufacture on its own. Now sources of protein, complete protein when I say the word complete protein, that really means that that particular food has all 20 of the amino acids.

And one of the foods that has all 20 amino acids is an egg. Now, proteins from animal sources offer all or most of the essential amino acids in highly absorbable forms. So absorbable form really means that whatever protein that you're eating is absorbed, the most of it is absorbed by a body so that it can be used for the body systems and for your energy for muscle recovery and all other functions that protein performed in your body. x are by far one of the best foods are soft, complete protein, and they contain all 20 amino acids and why The medium egg has about six grams of protein. Then other sources of protein include chicken, pork and red meat. Now, I will put in a caution over here that when you are doing red meat like beef and lamb, make sure you do the leaner cuts.

That's one thing and secondly, make sure that you do not incorporate them too often. Try to be maybe let's say once or twice in a week that you want to do the red meat, and other days you want to stick to chicken and even fish. Nuts such as pistachios, almonds. pecans are also good sources of protein, milk and other dairy products soy products, beans and lentils, beans and lentils are also good sources of protein. Then some vegetarian protein sources include quinoa and buckwheat and amaranth. In fact, quinoa and amaranth are complete proteins meaning they contain all nine of the essential amino acids.

So if you have not done so start including Keno and amaranth in your daily meals. Then other vegetarian choices include soya and there's another one which is called as micro protein. And this is considered to be a part of the mushroom family and I have seen this in, you know, bulk pawn stores where you get loose food, like loose food products, so give it a try. It's also called us corn with a cue. Then rice and beans. Ezekiel bread is made from frosted grains, it tastes really great.

And I've been using it now for almost two years. And it is wonderful. It really makes you feel full and I normally have it at breakfast. Then you have CDN. So CDN is actually made by mixing gluten that is a protein of wheat with Herbes and spices. And then it's hydrated with water or stock and it is similar in its broth and you so and and in addition All that it is cooked with soya soya sauce rich broth to add to the glutens missing amino acid that's called lysine to the chewy very meat like final product so Satan is increasingly becoming popular these days if you see that on a label it so you will know that it is a source of vegetarian protein and go for it.

Then other sources also include hummus and pita spirulina with grains or nuts, peanut butter sandwich, hemp seed and chia seeds. So now let's review. So choose all sorts of lean meat for each of your main meals. That is your breakfast, lunch and dinner and if possible in your snacks and if possible to vegetarian sources of protein as well. And incorporate vegetarians are so protein at least two to three times per week.

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