All about mindful eating

8 minutes
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Okay, now we are towards the end of the course. And in the previous lesson I have spoken to you about what is mindful eating. And mindful eating to me is the premise or the base, or the base, or let's say the foundation of feeling full on fewer calories. Because if you eat mindfully, if you make mindful selections in your food choices, and really follow a mindful lifestyle, it become very easy for you to feel fuller on fewer calories. Now, in this final lesson of the course, I am going to be sharing with you a plan of action that you can put into place for leading a mindful life and eating mindfully. So now what is mindful eating?

What's the definition of mindful eating? in simple language, mindful eating is paying attention to what you put in your mouth. And when I'm saying what you put in your mouth, what I'm trying to say is every single thing that you put in your mouth, from that candy to that fruit To the clean water, act, whatever, to that unit of coke that you pick up from Tim Hortons or your local cafe, wherever it is, you are very mindful. And every act of eating is really purposeful and it is not mindless. So that's what mindful eating really means. Now let's look at the cycle, the mindful eating cycle.

Now in this cycle, you can see that you can actually start from anywhere, literally, like anywhere. So if I start from the top like this is a big question as to why do I eat you know, what's the what's the reason why, why am I eating so for that, so, why do we so many So, when you say when you ask that question to you, why do I eat, you may say that, you know, it includes an exploration of triggers such as physical hunger, challenging situation, or even visual cues, which often spring from stress, fatigue or boredom. So these are some questions that you want to ask yourself. Then moving along to When do I want to eat? So when do I want to eat will be something like you know the answer can depend on the clock on your clock. Like it's the morning time is breakfast time for eight o'clock then you have your snack at 11 then maybe you're having a lunch at one o'clock and so on.

So when do I want to eat? So when so really that is your so your body is going to give you some cues, or your emotions might even drive you to eat as well. The next one is what do I eat? So for me, this is very, very, very key What do I eat? So this is this is the factors that the you know people consider when choosing to eat or choosing to eat what food does this convenience, taste comfort and nutrition. Then give an example if you're on the road, you're on a road trip, right and over there.

The only thing that you find on the way is probably those fast food places and you have really no choice. So when you have that convenience and the suit the situation that you are in Because you're on the road, so you have no no other, no other choice but to choose what is available. So that drives you to what to eat. However, when you are at home, and then you have the choices right in front of you in the fridge and up in the pantry, that is when you make, you know, make your choice as to Okay, what do I eat? It is lunchtime, and then what am I supposed to eat my Am I able to eat those bag of chips? Or maybe should I eat the food that is cooked at the fridge?

So you make those choices in a mindful manner. And the next is how do I eat? So how do I eat is really, whether you're eating rushed, whether you're eating mindfully, whether you're distracted, or you're being secretive, secretive, is dangerous, because if you're being secretive about your eating, that means it is sort of kind of saying that you're doing something wrong, you're kind of guilty, right? So don't don't do that. So in our technology, technological undergo society exploring the process of eating can be eye opening. These questions that are then is mindful eating cycle are some questions that you would like to want to ask yourself.

That is going to give you a lot of answers. And then how much do I eat? So the How much do I eat would be like the quantity whether you are eating that big bag of chips, that big, you know that big jumble bar of chocolate and why are you eating it? So that is how much do I eat? And finally, where do I invest my energy so eating can be you know, it can be invigorating, causing sluggishness. You can get tired you can depending upon the type of food you eat, it can make you feel very lazy.

It can also lead you to feel guilty. And chain. So really Hannon how do you use your energy? How is your energy used during work or play? Do you go to the gym? Do you go for a run?

Or do you play a game? Do you play a sport? Or maybe do you want to do crafting or anything like how do you use your energy that you're eating? And then it goes back to the question again? Why do I eat so Really a cycle that keeps going on all the time? And you can I invite you to write down these questions on a piece of paper, like, why do I eat?

When do I want to eat? What do I eat? How do I eat? How much do I eat? And where do I invest my energy? And try to answer these questions.

And once you have the questions written down, and you write down the answers, it will be really you know, it's very, an eye opener as to where you are doing what what is it that you're doing wrong, so try this exercise, and it will help you a lot. Okay, so now you're mindful plan of action. So there are really four steps to your mind foot plan of action, so it's eat more slowly and don't rush your meals. So be very calm. Take your time. Enjoy your food.

Chew your food thoroughly. eliminate any distractions or turning off the TV and putting down your phone and eat in silence. Now when you Follow these four steps. these are these are this is the baseline, right? So once you've started, follow the steps, you will see that even this little thing will really help you eat mindfully and you will see a difference in your portion sizes. At the same time, I want you to start, you know, start focusing on how the food that you ate made you feel, and stop eating when you feel full.

So again, being conscious, you will know when to stop. And when you're focusing on the food that you eat, you will begin to notice feelings, whether you're enjoying the food or not asking yourself, why are you eating? Are you actually hungry? Is it healthy? So this really goes back to the cycle that I had shown you before. That is this one in case you missed it.

So this was the cycle. So this these, the mindful plan of action really incorporates all these questions of the mindful eating cycle. So now to begin with, what you could do is it is a good idea to pick one meal per day to focus on these points. And once you've got a hang of this once you when it becomes second nature, then you will see that mindfulness also becomes second nature. Then you can focus on implementing these habits into more meals. And the bottom line is that mindful eating takes practice.

Try to eat more slowly to thoroughly remove distractions and stop eating when you are four. So this was in short, a little bit about how to eat mindfully and leader mindful eating lifestyle. Now that is hunger scale that I have included for you in this course you might want to download it to determine if you are really hungry. Now let's review. So again, eat more slowly, and don't rush your meals too thoroughly. eliminate distractions by turning off the TV and putting down your phone.

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