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The first few days babies and poo

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Sorry, versus a little bit of a tummy sizing dietary and there's a really good resource that I've put from the Australian breastfeeding Association in the resource section for you should talk about food. My favorite topic, and it will also talk about you know, we and stomach size and how much milk the baby names from not playing with my balls here. So this is how big burgesses Tommy's gonna be on that 48 to 72 hours when all of that moves coming. Now you have Dolly Parton super food, and you think Holy moly, like really? He's having about 30 meals. And that's right, because remember, you've got that swelling sitting on top, but for him to have a full full tummy and my goodness me from it to stretch from two to three meals today.

30 Mils, you again is huge, and he's going to be live off my stomach so sore, but that's you know how much milk in there now remember that nukes got more water in it got all of the antibodies as well and the glucose and the sugar but it's gonna give him that weight back that he would have lost because we're expecting that he may have lost between five and 10%. So 3.6 kilos, maybe 360 grams and you're not gonna freak out because you know that's really normal. So this is the stomach on about day seven. So you can imagine that for him to increase from that 30 mils to about 70 Mills, but he's still going to have some tummy changes and some upset over that first week. And you know, feeling like Christmas Day happens every two or three hours which is quiet. You know, you imagine Christmas day every two or three hours you know, Morpheus So you know he's he's a little bit needy with a sore tummy from time to time which is actually a great lead into babies so far we've talked about positioning and attachment supply boots how they work his little tummy how much milk he actually needs and you know the fact that he's gonna be a little bit jaundice and you know he's gonna be fresh and exciting baby to play with and won't be this week but for him you know the world is looks very different and it's important to look at the world from his from this baby's experience.

So you think in a little bubble with no no bugs, no bacteria no hot and cold no wings no touch no thermo regulation so I mean that you don't have to regulate your own temperature because you know, if you feel a bit cold just remember be to be hot. You swear to be Now he's never had to do that in his entire life. So you know, even you just stroking their face is is a feeling that they've never felt before and it can be quite overwhelming. We've got all these nerve endings on our face. Oh, God, how you trying to go to sleep and someone strikes you don't need you to do that to me. So for him, you know you just want to naturally men cuddle him and kiss him and strike him.

But you know, if he's dying asleep, you know, just cuddle him You don't have to be touching and feeling with him all the time because they do get a bit overwhelmed by all of those things. So he's never had to make food. He has been making way and some a gorgeous back for you. There's gonna be some car specs along his journey. So he has actually been drinking his own way for many, many months and paying it out then drinking it again. So his stomach has been working.

He has been waiting, but he's been drinking that amniotic fluid. That he was floating around in. So waiting is not a new thing doing. That's a new thing for him though and digesting nuke. So the digestive system of the baby's bow has been sitting there untouched. He's got no bacterial load in him yet.

So he's gonna develop that over the first few months. But, you know, that's why babies fat like old men, they poo like they've got gastro, and they feel like he would peaking at the start of the pregnancy. So their system just takes time to mature and really that maturing the first thought of maturing from the bow is going to take about three months. That's three weeks, not three months, sorry three weeks. So there's going to be some journeys along that three weeks. But to start with, you know, for him, it sometime he pains that stomach stretching, that thou starting to work so you know, when you have gastro You know, you get these stomach cramps that come and they go, you know, this little baby will get them and they've never farted, so the fats will be massive.

And I guess as an example, the gastro the gastric system has no bacteria in it. So as it starts to produce its normal, healthy bacteria, makes lots of wind. And so that window has been made in the gut, not in the stomach. You can't put them out there for that it all has to be sorted out. So the differences between you having a soft drink and you having a spicy carry that upset your tummy. You gotta fight that out, you know, someone can pat your back all day, and that's not gonna make you burped out at all.

So little Brutus with his tummy pains, and he'll really just like you to make the world nice and small for him. So you may curl up his little knees, you push him against you, and you might had his back. So if you think about this position, it's very similar to what it was like in your tummy. So the heartbeat is your pet. The curling is coming out to help with those tummy pain. But you're making the world very small for him again so that he can realize that he's safe and secure and he can go off to sleep.

And so you might find that you do lots of these, where you just help this baby to feel nice and safe and secure, not overwhelmed. And that's why we talk about rapping as well. And I'll do some stuff on rapping in a minute. And in the hospital, they'll do lots on rapping. And that that just helps them make the world small for them so that they can't overthink it. You know, when you're upset and someone just gives you a firm hug and if it's okay, and that's what you're doing for this baby is letting them know that they're safe and secure.

The world doesn't need to be complicated for them yet. It's not a problem and a solution situation. It's about making this baby feel safe and secure. And knowing that everything is new, new for you, but it's also new for them. So wait And it's a new thing, this little baby is going to be getting lots of fabulous nutrients in. So, you know, when you have a busy day, and you know, you go out for breakfast and morning tea and lunch and afternoon tea, and that day, you do anything needs to.

And it's more that you had more nutrients in that day than your body needed. And so the extra poo is the extra food that you didn't need. And so don't tend to think about it like that very often. But all of our way in our poo is the things that we don't need in our bodies. Now for the your baby. You know, the tone and the way is quite important and quite important.

You know, you'll find that the midwife is always saying Oh, they waited they paid and it's really for us to think yes, this baby is getting more than enough and that's why they've got extra that they're getting rid of. So for for a baby on day two, day three, day four You know, their system is quite active. And I've kind of already touched on why it's over active, but we would expect them to wait four to six times and to pull about the same. And that's all very normal the pose or the food that the baby hasn't made it, the way the fluid the baby hasn't needed. So you're seeing lots of ways and pose. And that is very normal.

That's how it should be. I think we're worried more about if we don't see that if we're not having the baby weighing or not having the baby coin. That's a sign that there's not enough going in, which, you know, obviously is abnormal, and that's covered in another section. So wesen, who's food bassing the number one question I get and look in the hospital, they're going to go through a bath with you. And that will be the individual advice from that health professional. So we haven't got a fish.

So the main role of fasting is head up. Water. Now I get asked should we use going? Should they not go in? What shall I wash the baby with, and I'll bring you back to looking at this baby from the world that they were in, there was no chemicals there was water all around them. So my theory on is is not to worry too much.

He is has been in water there the baby's whole lives. In case it's based in bath water, the going and they've got an fabulous set of membranes that stop things from going in. But that's something for you to to feel more confident with as time goes on. head out the water. Great. temperature wise, this baby is used to 37 degrees, that's your temperature.

So we'd say you know you're 37 degrees. So if you stick your arm in the water, it should feel like not very much. Now if you've got a massive baby bath at home time typically the evaporation of that temperature will happen from the surface. hysteria. So if you're like, gonna give him a bath, I'm just gonna go to the loo, get the clothes out, get the towel, get the wash, he paid I speed out and you know, 20 minutes later you come back the surface areas that water has called the bath down to you stick your arm and you think Oh. So depending on what you're doing, if you're good to go, you're filling it up, fill it out with lukewarm water, pump the baby in, hit out the water, all be good.

You know, bossing around doing everything, then make it a little bit warmer, so that when you get back that the baby's not gonna be too hot, too cold, it will be the perfect temperature. also depends if it's summer or winter. If you preheating the room, like there's lots of factors, so just use your noodle and think about your environment. The bath we want about 37 degrees, which you don't need a thermometer to tell you. You've got these great things attached to your body. I mean Obviously we use them for lots of things.

So we tend to say, you know, this feat of your arm or even your elbow is a little bit more sensitive to temperature. So if that feels like not much perfect for you, baby, and this baby, when it goes in the water is gonna think, what was that? So they kind of get overwhelmed. So don't panic that you've done something wrong, because the baby goes, when you put it in, you're gonna support the baby by putting their head on your forearm, and you're going to hold their arm with your arm. And then you're really going to hold the baby's bottom you have quite good control of a baby in these three points. Then you plunk it in the water had very little to see so that they can touch the edge of the bath and the water will be up to here.

He might pop a flannel on the chest. But other than that the bath is really useful in helping with any tummy pains. You know, washing a lot of the chemicals that we use to wipe their bums enough off. And you know, they do enjoy it, they're lifting water. So they love a bath. But it's about you feeling confident, and you know that you're doing everything well and now feed off that as well.

Product wise, you know, no chemicals on this baby have, so everything is new. So it's something that smells really strong. To start with, don't use it, they've got fresh skin, it's a bit too much. If it's something that's very pH neutral, then get that perfect, Jenny to add things to the water. If anything, you might use a bit of stuff to wash their hair with but you don't need to level them up because they've not been playing in the dirt. They're not really dirty.

And just think of what you add to their skin and the effect that it might have. So yeah, not too many chemicals and if anything, just be released. Collective one thing at a time, so that if you do have a reaction, you know which one it was. That was a lot of content, wasn't it? it you know, and it's, I could talk all day about this. And there might be some things that you, you know, you just had a baby and you're in the hospital, log on to the Facebook group and say, you know, have you heard about these?

Have you heard about that? And we can answer those questions generally as they come along. But I've kind of just gone through the key points for the first three days for the for you, your boobs, and your little baby. And what to expect. I haven't so much touched on formula. I'm going to put some content up there about you know, preparing formula, just a bit of a blurb on formula itself, and that I'll have written for you.

But you again, if you've got some questions, please put them out. And that is the advice that you might have I'm in the hospital when you're dead, so please don't feel like I'm breastfeeding or die. You know, I want you to feel safe and secure in this environment to choose what's right for you. But I guess, being honest, the first few days, there's a lot of breastfeeding questions, and that's why I've covered that. But if you've chosen to not breastfeed, then you know, that's a great choice for you and there will still be some support for you on formula. And, you know, as the week's Go on, we'll release more content on that.

Well, good luck. Enjoy these first few days, and we'll see you in next week's videos.

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