Web Automation with Katalon Studio

Learn about the keyword-driven automation tool written on top of Selenium.

Web Automation with Katalon Studio

Learn about the keyword-driven automation tool written on top of Selenium.
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About the Class

This is a beginner's step by step tutorial prepared to make you familiar with the basics of Katalon Studio.

Katalon Studio has been written on top of Selenium and Appium which will enable you to take every single benefit of these tools during the preparation of script for your web-application and mobile application.

Best Features of Katalon Studio:

  • It uses Selenium at best capacity, so whatever you think can be done through Selenium, can be done with Katalon Studio as well.
  • Provides reports for each of the suite execution with the feature of parallel execution in a different browser.
  • Every action can be tracked through logs.
  • It provides an interface to integrate GIT, CI Tools, and JIRA.
  • The learning curve is really short, any user with prior knowledge of Selenium can start using it right away.

Katalon Studio seems to be an outstanding automation tool with the shortest learning curve for the test automation of web applications.

So hope you will enjoy this tutorial and at the end of this tutorial, at least you will be able to automate any of your routine task which interacts with the browser.



Savita Mishra

A Student with quest to learn and teach the world.
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Class Requirements

You should have knowledge of using PC/Mac.

Class Contents

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 6 hours 24 minutes
54 Videos
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